Keep friendship alive through social media, especially today!  

The idea is not social media friendship but bringing back those friendships using social media. Let’s unshackle the misconception that friendship using social media is all fake, but the ground reality is social media is a platform or space which provides us access to all those friends or close relation which may be existing or new just like it happens physically in our neighbourhood, town, city or nation.

social media relationship
Social Media Friendship

Social media friendship reconnecting people

For me, friendship has become a progressive term in today’s competitive world when it has taken the virtual space. The friendship of yesterday has become merely a virtual friendship today. Yes, but we can’t blame anyone; it’s the time! We all are heading towards success, money, fame, and much more, for which we are not restricted to a single place or time. 

I know it may sound dark for many, especially the ones who have enjoyed a blissful childhood sitting with friends of all kinds having adda or gapshap, be it with your classmates, family friends, grandparents, or any other special people in your life where age is no bar. 

Yes, here I’m not promoting the exploitation that may happen otherwise using social media (also greatly possible even by staying offline!). On the contrary, it’s nothing to feel sad or isolated, especially when you have the scope of social media through which you can at least stay connected with your closest friends. Social media dramatically influences friendship, especially in today’s pattern of life when your closest friends reside in a different city or country and you haven’t met each other for long or can’t meet at the moment even if you feel like it. Yes, for instance, using Facebook, WhatsApp, or Google calling app, etc., we can at least see each other’s faces, have conversations for hours, and live the present without regretting our childhood. The days won’t come back, however, the moment can be relived through the power of social media.  

Social media is providing us a scope that we can choose our friends, and then if it continues, it may turn into good friends. Not just that, social media has helped us immensely in finding new friends from diverse cultures around the world. So, social media today can be considered as our neighbourhood or colonies during childhood days, where you meet different interesting people (both male and female). You may continue friendships if you wish to. 

Let’s realize the reality of friendship and the power of social media in making it happen in the virtual space. 

I’m sure many of you would be thinking as if I’m promoting social media and would be emphasizing the privacy issues on social media platforms. Now here, realize your immediate neighbour or the whole neighbourhood interfering in your personal matters (in this case its friendship), at least social media is providing you that scope of stopping someone from interfering in your personal life, you have all opportunities to keep things within limitations but offline it’s an open ground. No one is there to do a first-hand authentication of your profile. 

Yes, there will be good and bad in both cases, but we can’t deny the added possibilities that social media can provide you if you wish to utilize it wisely. The problem is with those instances that become a case study in the crime files or secret societies, just like offline deliberate gossip created within friends of all kinds where the intention is wrong. I’m not promoting social media, but I’m just trying to put forward a perspective about today’s friendship which goes miles ahead, and the true essence of social media and how it can significantly bring a difference in our lives. 

Social media is not just about reconnecting with your childhood friends or special people in your life; if you wish to, it is keeping them all in a single place. If you feel like meeting someone, simply give a FB or WhatsApp call! And you’ll be instantaneously connected with your close friends miles and miles away!  

Remember, it’s very easy to believe in the controversy, especially in our today’s society, because someone has experienced somebody, somewhere, sometime, but if you start seeing the other side of the coin, you’ll realize soon that, in a way, friendship can be kept alive by using social media. Just like we say, today, the world has become a small place due to technological advancement. 

There’s no harm in letting the friendship stay alive, even if it’s virtual; remember, it’s not fake by itself; it’s we who may make it fake!